Dulquer Salman Family.

Capsules of happiness, Catalyst for livelihoods!

Dulquer Salman Family(DQF)

A 'Community of happiness' is a congregation of artists and art lovers across Kerala.

It aims to spread happiness and make the world laugh along with providing opportunities to talented yet struggling artists. It lends a platform for dedicated artists to give more exposure, outreach and ameliorate their talent. Socially and economically marginalised communities are the focus group for upliftment. DQF is keen to work in diverse fields, including healthcare, educational opportunities and livelihood advancement for the underprivileged sections of our society.


  • Artists Community

    It is focused on non-mainstream artists of Kerala. A good example is the recent integration of the long-ignored Pulikkali Artists of Ayyanthole, Thrissur. The Artists' Community is aimed to provide a global platform to artists and ensure a sustainable livelihood.

  • Dream Catchers

    To dream high and achieve them is a privilege not enjoyed by many. To break the vicious cycle of poverty, the right guidance, mentorship and educational opportunities are aimed to be provided to marginalised children through the project Dream Catcher. Tribal children are intended to be primary beneficiaries of the project.

  • Tree Of Life.

    DQF joins hands with Aster DM Healthcare and KITES India to launch Tree of Life, a noble initiative for children from underprivileged sections of our society. The project will assure quality healthcare, accessible to children by providing life-saving surgeries and necessary interventional procedures free of cost through Aster Hospitals across Kerala.

  • Comedy Club

    To give support to non-mainstream artists of standup comedy, Mimicry and other stage events rooted in entertaining and bringing smiles to the audience. The performance of artists will be mostly staged for the benefit of orphanages, old age homes and other marginalized communities for combating loneliness and spreading happiness and empathy.

  • Brain Stimulation with Finger Exercise

    Finger-Tutting nuanced by Imitiyas Aboobacker is a dance form with intricate finger movements. Finger Dance Handicraft creation is edged on brain stimulation through finger exercise that especially helps disabled children. It also provides a nuanced livelihood opportunity for them.

  • Mini theatres and Open Galleries

    Sustainable Community spaces for art, entertainment and recreation will be developed in selected areas to enhance community participation and give equal spaces for LGBQTIA+ members, women and children. Two such spaces are to be developed as a pilot version. One in the tribal area of Athirapally and the other in Chemp, Vaikam.


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